Subtitle: ATELIER MARKO BRAJOVIC - Grown in Brazil 2006-2016
Author: Marko Brajovic
Curator&Art Director: Federica Sandretti - Studiostore
Graphic Design: Alessandro Zanchetta - Iktomi Studio
Copyrights: Atelier Marko Brajovic
Edition: First edition, São Paulo - Brazil
Publisher: Kobajagi Design, Serviços e Empreendimentos LTDA. 
Pages: 240
Print: IPSIS Gráfica e Editora
ISBN: 978-85-92822-00-2

All Projects, Pictures © Studiostore 2022.
Reproduction, use or distribution is not allowed, except when it has been expressly approved by the company.

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“We trust in nature as the widest concept imaginable, ranging from the mystery of the universe to Planet Earth, our home, our Pachamama. We also trust in human nature with its beauties, contradictions and dreams"


IN NATURE WE TRUST is a book designed and curated by Federica Sandretti (Studiostore Barcelona) as a wish to share Atelier Marko Brajovic´s most intimate inspirations, concepts and creative processes in works from the last 10 years.

The selected projects are those where nature plays its fundamental role on different levels, from suggestive metaphor to design strategy.
The book is divided in three macro themes; Manifesto, Key Strategy Files and Selected Works from 2006 to 2016.
Rich in high definition images, diagrams, technical drawings, as well theoretical texts this unique book format is directioned to architects, designers, stage designers, artists as well companies and institutions that would like to learn more about a biomimetic as a design strategy.

This book does not intend to exhaust conceptual or scientific paradigms or to address specific sustainability issues. It aspires to introduce experimental tools for creative innovation inspired by nature.
A mechanical paradigm of our actual society is still mirrored by an architecture based on a pyramidal hierarchy. In the upcoming post-industrial era, social structure is evolving towards a more organic system. I believe that a synergetic and non-centralized society is already emerging and that a new architecture will manifest that evolution.

Text: Marko Brajovic
Photo by: Tomaz Vello 

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Curator's Introduction:

"The secret of change is not to focus all energies on fighting the old but on building the new.


"I also speak of a return to nature, though not as a retreat, rather as a going up, up toward the sublime,
free and tremendous nature and naturalness."
F. Nietzsche

The process of estrangement from nature is, sadly, one of the characteristics of modern man.
Although we believe that culture and civilization can feed our instincts, we still need to be in close
contact with the natural environment for physical, energetic and spiritual nourishment. Most of us know
this, but we often forget.
According to Nietzsche, although our civic life unfolds through various forms of role playing aimed at
social acceptance, returning to nature is what affords us the freedom to be a fuller version of ourselves,
because nature accepts us free from judgment.

If we could wake up every morning conscious of being the beneficiaries of this complex, mysterious and
magical system called Planet Earth, we probably would not need much more to feel happy. Just sensing
the power of the sun, the gift of oxygen, the mystery of gravity, etc., would suffice.
Nature is the source of all questions and answers.
Our history with nature –the way we understand and represent it-- coincides with the history of
humanity: a long tradition of research, analysis and interpretation conducted by eminent thinkers from
various disciplines.
In this book we report a personal experience - the creative journey that Marko Brajovic has ventured on
since the beginning of a career shaped by an intimate relationship with processes and dynamics
inspired by nature.
As its curator, I spent much time in the Atelier with Marko and his fantastic team investigating the
seemingly infinite and always amazing research database, as well as exploring the design materials that
accompany each project developed over the past ten years.
I opted for a decentralized narrative structure, because architecture is based on the transmission of
knowledge through different media, such as drawings, sketches, icons, diagrams, and technical
specifications. The idea is to let each reader create his or her own information flow.

I will never forget the intensity of the talks that Marko and I had during the brainstorming period for this
book. In particularly remember a night we spent at the house he and his wife Teka have in Paraty. We
were talking about the power of the forest while it was breathing around us. Marko told me that
ecosystem dynamics work through a combination of mutual help and sharing, and not necessarily
through confrontation and competition. The survivor is not only the one who does "better," but also the
one who helps more, because he receives more in return.  
From what we know and for all we have left to learn: "IN NATURE WE TRUST”.

Federica Sandretti