BOOK: “BAMBOOLAB El viaje de la princesa. Forefront visionsof architecture and sustainability”

By: Ignasi Pérez Arnal, Marko Brajovic, Federica Sandretti, Mauri O’Brien

Published by: El Far De Les Crestes, 2005

Distributed by: ACTAR

A workshop about sustainable construction and the new capabilities that bamboo cane, known as “the princess” for its magical properties, offers neo-natural architecture through a case study on the island of Majorca. 1000 bamboo canes were transported from Colombia to Palma de Majorca for the creation of sun-panel structures.This book illustrates the building science of bamboo by the German expert Walter Liese and the Brasilian expert Khosrow Ghawami through the complete project development and installation of two structures in the middle of UIB Campus (Universitat de les Illes Balears/Balearic Islands University).The new bamboo structures had to support sun panels within a hydroponic pond biologically treated to prevent polution. The energy of this “Summer Session” finishes intensely with a Bamboo Manifesto. Architects, artists, designers and interior designers work with bamboo as one of the most technologically advanced natural materials, but its introduction into new development is controversial as a still ‘non-legalized’ material.

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